Dec 012014

Tim Skubick: US Sen. Carl Levin didn't mind being described as 'frumpy
The one-on-one exit interview went swimmingly well. The guest was on his game, even at the tender age of 80. He was insightful, funny, and even made some news and when it was over, the interviewer turned the rest of the broadcast over to him.

Mind: Teen in police custody 'terrible and shameful'
This is a terrible and shameful situation. Being in mental health crisis can be terrifying and life-threatening, and people need urgent care from mental health services. – Chief executive of Mind Paul Farmer. Paul Farmer said a police cell was a
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Home design with pets in mind
Keep in mind that some pets may have trouble with traction on hard floors; but if you opt for carpeting, think about going with a low-pile option. A dedicated pet room: For true pet fanatics with the space to do so, it's not unheard of to dedicate an
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