Dec 102014

Pizza Hut's 'Mind-Reading' Tech Is Actually Pretty Cool
As our pals at Grub Street reported earlier this week, Pizza Hut in the U.K. is experimenting with technology designed to ease the difficult Sausage or pepperoni? and Mushrooms or olives? decision-making process. The chain's "subconscious menu" uses …
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Stynes husband Martin Bendeler said that anyone who found his child's
Maybe Yumi doesn't mind if bubba poos on her cowboy boots, but other people might object to the side spray.' Giving his opinion after Stynes hit back at critics for her decision not to make her daughter a fashion subject, Hinch said he was 'sick of
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'Time Out of Mind: The Lives of Bob Dylan,' by Ian Bell
It could even be the resurgent late phase from “Time Out of Mind” onward. The flip side of this is that at some point people lose interest in Dylan. For every entry point, there's an equally convenient exit. Loss of interest rarely proves terminal
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