Dec 062014

Pat Martin Asks Agriculture Minister: Have You Lost Your Freaking Mind?
Winnipeg NDP MP Pat Martin returned to his raucous ways during question period on Tuesday, asking Conservative minister Gerry Ritz if he had “lost his freaking mind.” The colourful outburst was related to an exchange about the government's rejection of
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Is He Out of His Narcissistic Mind?
There is nothing like watching politicians utter the naked truth. So rare it defies belief. Like Cidinha Campos, the blunt Brazilian Congresswoman from Rio de Janeiro, who points the finger at the bad political apples with justified and refreshing outrage.
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There's One Person Iggy Azalea Wouldn't Mind Losing To At The Grammys
Iggy Azalea has four more things to celebrate in this banner year for the 24-year Australian femcee. Four shiny, golden Grammy nominations, that is. Azalea is up for the coveted awards of Best New Artist and Record of the Year, in addition to Best Rap

APP MAN: Wearable Tech that will Blow your Mind
Wearable technologies, such as smartwatches, smartglasses and wearable fitness devices, are going to change our lives in much the same way that mobile phones did. The wearable market is expected to grow by a factor of 15 by 2018. There is a good …
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