Dec 042014

Mind-bending fantasy epic 'Exodus' keeps audiences guessing
From the tangled mind of visionary screen-writer Steven Zaillian, the film is set in “Ancient Egypt,” an arid land where a group called the “Jews” have been held captive for hundreds of years. “You've got this Moses guy, and he's the leader of the Jews

Putting The Mind And Soul Back Into Psychiatry
Pat Bracken is an Irish psychiatrist and philosopher who would like to put the mind and soul back into psychiatry. Pat writes: "I believe that psychiatry finds itself in a pernicious position. Pharma has used its financial power to mould psychiatry
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Clean water, complete road on Bonita City Council mind
The Bonita Springs City Council talked water, roads, signs and kayaks Wednesday. Here's a recap: What: Regular bimonthly meeting. When, where: 5:30-8:11 p.m. Wednesday at City Hall. Who attended: Mayor Ben Nelson, Vice Mayor Steve McIntosh, …
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