May 092013

Dr.Mansukh Patel – A Peace Formula for all Nations


Background Article


Who will ever forget 9/11?  The whole world watched in utter disbelief as the twin towers – the symbols of prosperity, security and financial supremacy – collapsed into heaps of rubble.  And then, the inevitable, but often un-answered question ‘What can I do to help’. Many people contacted the Dru yoga team with this question in mind, and Mansukh Patel, as with the rest of the team, were deeply preoccupied with coming up with a response to this world-changing event.


Mansukh’s immediate answer was to write ‘Imagine…World Peace,’ an eight week programme designed to empower the reader’s personal life while simultaneously making a contribution to world peace.


A Commitment to Peace

Mansukh’s commitment to peace was born early in life.  The first part of his childhood was spent in Africa in the Rift Valley, in the turbulent aftermath of the Mau Mau civil war.  Mansukh has a rare ability to bring his memories vividly to life, and he often recounts the colours and beauty of the mountains, the majestic wildlife and the freedom as a child, running barefoot on the plains with the Maasai tribes people.  One day, Mansukh and his father, Chhaganbai Patel came across a village that had been attacked by the Mau Mau.  Mansukh recounts what he saw.


‘I remember the destruction, the faces of the women and children left dead, bodies that no longer had any life force.  It was the first time that I had witnessed death.’


Mansukh continues, ‘I remember when we arrived home, Mum took me into her arms and said that by the time the sun had gone down I must search my heart for what I had learned from the scene that I had just witnessed.  I was only seven years old when I asked myself the question “What would have happened if the men who had killed our friends had loved instead of hating?”


From that moment, Mansukh made a commitment to dedicate his life to creating a better and more peaceful world.  He began to ‘Imagine…World Peace’.


Imagination creates our reality


One of the most effective ways that they felt he could make a difference to the world was to teach people specific techniques through Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation that would help the individual find peace within themselves.  Mansukh’s parents, who had worked with Gandhi’s satyagraha movement in India, regularly described how when we are at peace with ourselves it effects everyone around us and so the ripple effect flows out into the world.  World peace begins with the individual.


And so Mansukh, Rita, John, Annie, Chris and others who joined them began writing a wide variety of books. The Dance Between Joy & Pain,  Face to Face with Life,  Crisis & the Miracle of Love and The Peace Formula were each designed to give their reader practical tools to transform themselves and live a happier and more fulfilled life.


A Peace Formula for all Nations


Mansukh Patel’s message is that we each hold a personal responsibility for our future.  There is no doubt that we must do something.  We cannot stand back and expect someone else to sort it all out for us.  Every human being on this planet has the power to bring about harmony between nations and it is vital that we bring forth the very highest qualities within us in order to do so.


‘Imagine ….. World Peace’ is Mansukh’s small but crucial contribution to the jig-saw of world peace.  Based on the highly acclaimed Peace Formula, it is an eight week programme of daily exercises.  It asks us to take personal responsibility and to ask questions such as, Is my life going in the right direction? In the process, we come to realize that there is no conflict between the harmony of the earth and our own individual fulfilment.


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