Dru Meditation home study programme

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May 232012

In the Head and Heart Solutions, produced by Dru UK, you’ll experience a Dru Meditation home study programme, including a 9 stage progressive series of Dru Meditations which lead you into a deep state of inner peace and stillness.

Mansukh’s body awareness Dru meditation invites you to move up the body, relaxing each part in turn and keeping a rhythmic pattern to the practice.  By the time you reach the head and neck you will experience a deep inner calm and a more peaceful mind.  Mansukh Patel, who mentors people in meditation techniques worldwide, suggests that this meditation is especially good for people who hold physical tension and find it hard to relax before sleep.  Dru Meditations have the added benefit of creating a sharper mind as your concentration prowess increases.

Two powerful Mudras

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May 182012

The mudra of insecurity – when you want reassurance.

Interlock all fingers into clasped hands, close the eyes and hold for at least 90 seconds. Focus on sealing the energy of vitality and security and as you hold the mudra and feel that security settling with in you. It’s like a self-hug!
For emotional maturity – used in the beautiful Dru Yoga moon sequence.

With your hands horizontal, place the right palm into the back of the left hand, fingers together and facing forward, thumbs out to the sides. Rotate the thumbs up and back to release the natural flow of energy in the body and stimulate your powers of creativity.